Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I sense something; a presence I've not felt since... 1977

Well I’m happier than a wookie with a comb. The original untouched Star Wars movies were released today (yesterday) along with Lego Star Wars 2. I have yet to open them up, like looking at new fallen snow before you run to play in it, I want to savor this moment. Despite loving special effects, especially what ILM does, I have never been a big fan of Lucas’s changes to the original films. I always liked being able to see the black outline between the live action plates and the stop-motion. All that new CG was missing the texture the rest of the film had. Now I feel complete.

I hope the Lego Batman game coming up next is just as fun to play as these.

I think this is the final colors for mr. guy here. I really need to give him a name. Originally I was thinking yellow with red highlights, but I ended up doing a blue overlay in the shop just for fun, and I came up with what you see above. I think it works better since he is the more reserved of the duo. The smaller one is the crazy one of the bunch so he will get the yellow and red treatment.