Friday, August 08, 2008


I went to the San Diego Comic Con again this year, I find so much inspiration from the people I meet there. One of witch is Derek Thompson. I Got his 2006 sketchbook two years ago and he had a new one this year. Derek's book has a monster for every day of the year in it. They are doodles and the like that he has done when he has a minute or two, and they all have a unique look and personality to them. He said some are done when he's in story meetings at Pixar. Oh ya did I mention he does storyboards at Pixar!! He just finished up Wall.E (a fantastic film) and is now working on Brad Birds live action movie. He has a great eye for staging and simple designs that have a lot of character. Anyway the first image is some fan art I did after looking at the new book, Derekmonster. The other two are just for fun, I need to sketch more.
I noticed after doing these guys that almost all of my creatures are bipedal, I need to do more quadrupeds and other types of locomotive creatures.

Batmobile (no not the tumbler)

The new Batman movie got me all excited, and I wanted to model a Batmobile to let out the nerd juices. Batmobile from the 90's animated series is one of my favorite adaptations of the Batmobile, it has a very intimidating shape while still fitting in with the look of the show. I figured since I'm modeling it why not also make it work in TF2. They have similar looks and it would give me more of a challenge to have constraints on the texture and poly detail.
Anyway its out of my system and I can go back to my other projects.
TF2 model here.