Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The inspiration that is Ridley Scott

So I’ve been watching a lot of aliens recently, the first movie being my all time favorite science fiction/horror movie. Anyway I really love how the alien is always lying in wait for someone, and then slowly unfolds itself. Then proceeds to destroy all who are in it’s path, assuming their name is not Ripley. Also for those unawares a second alien vs. predator is in the works, and I just got over the trauma of the first. Heaven help us.


Monday, March 19, 2007

something old, something new, something blue

I am terrible at updates.I have a lot of personal projects in the works and have little to show for it right now, so i dug up an old piece. This head you may remember from an earlier post where I put up the flat shaded model. I actually textured this a long time ago but was not entirely happy with it, I planed to rework it but never did. I think the eyes still need a bit of work. Anyway I decided to post it anyway. The new piece isn't all that new. Red guy here is some photoshop over an old sketch. I think someone stole his waffles, and you know you should always eat a balanced breakfast. I've been reading a lot of Batman lately, and well, Catwoman is hot. This is actually more like a cos-player with more lifelike proportions, as apposed to how she appears in the comics. Jim Lee is the man!