Friday, June 09, 2006


It’s been a while, hopefully this will make up for it. This is an old drawing of a character I created. It’s a lizard race and this is a guard/tracker. After a conversation with K, she thought there was something wrong about his clothing. It made me realize even though my original design was nice it was also totally impractical for the fast movement this creature looks like it can do. A long skirt would get quickly caught up in his legs and on forest debris. So I revised it and made the second shorter version. I think I still like the longer one. I think he might be a city guard or something where he would dress nicer and more colorfully, as opposed to someone who was a rogue. He would just have to run home and change before going on any long distance treks. I would like to hear other people’s opinion on his outfit. The main purpose of this was to practice with my wacom tablet. Even though I sketched this on paper I “inked” and colored it all with the tablet. It’s also to help with my coloring skilz. I almost never color things, opting to just render them in pencil. This has caused me to be severely behind in where I think I should be in coloring. It’s one thing to bounce light around on a black and white image and quite another to do it with color.


K McLeod said...

I dig the shorter loin cloth one. The thing I would do is make it more of a loin cloth wrap like the West Indies snake charmers and then add the loose bits to the front and back of his groin section. I hope this makes sense.

Nice work for not being good at color, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

those look rad.
you should do a version without lines


matt said...

my initial mental image is that he does kind of a loop up and tuck into his belt with his long cloth if he has to run down some dirty mofo in the woods

John Juarez said...

your right matt, i also thought he might have a second set of cloths that would be short and camo colored for long distance tracking.

Dan Segarra said...

Nice John! Looks great!