Sunday, October 01, 2006

creature 001

I dropped some doodles on the train a couple weeks ago. I switch between reading and drawing on the train depending on how awake I happen to be that particular morning. I am currently finishing The Historian, which is an excellent book, although a little slow in the middle. One thing I always come back to in my drawings is creatures. I was recently at the aquarium where they had a special exhibit on lizards, the focus being the Komodo dragon. It was amazing to see this guy up close. I think I could have easily taken down anyone in the room. Many of the smaller lizards were very interesting too, the reference photos I took have proven to be very valuable. I am also posting this because the doodle was interesting enough for me to take into 3D. This is my first attempt at using Z-Brush. The lower image is what I brought into Z-Brush, and the top is after. For those who don’t know Z-Brush allows artists to sculpt their 3D characters in the way you would sculpt clay. It’s built to support a very high level of detail, and is becoming a very common program in the industry because of its ease of use and artist friendly workflow. Oh and lego star wars 2 Rocks!


Roland Mechael said...

that 's nice!, i'm also trying to learn z-brush..

Bruno Werneck said...

found your blog man! :)

Dan Segarra said...

Awesome model John. Great work!