Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vincent... i mean Victor

I’ve buckled down a little more recently, and the Victor model seems to be ready for texturing. I think the hair will be a displacement but I’m not sure yet. That way I won’t have to model it all. I think since work has been slow I’ve had more energy to work on personal projects. I had a discussion with Luc about how I might be able to animate the soccer shoe below, similar to this spot . It went along the lines of a thief beating up an old lady and taking her purse but all you saw were their shoes, a ski hat, purse and a babushka. I think this is going on the backburner for the time being, although I would like to do some short simple spots that poke fun at what’s already out there.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that short idea you and Luc were talking about would be really cool. another good short idea would be that japanese story he wrote.

-someone other than Luc

p.s. the model emits ray of pure coolness.

p.p.s. this is actually Luc

Jasmin said...

Hey John,

Victor looks very nice. I would like to se a textured version. Then u can make ur own screensaver.Chu! :)