Wednesday, May 03, 2006

level annoyance

I think this is as done as this model is going to get. I could tweak this for days but the changes are so minute at this point. The image looks great on my large monitor but when I copied it over to my ancient one all the blacks were super dark and all the detail was lost. Leave a comment if it seems too dark, I would like to know how people are viewing the art here. P.S. I wish I was going to E3.


Anonymous said...

dude, that is just insane.
the level of realism in that 3d model is draining actual realism away from the real world. my hands are becoming toon-shaded as i type this.

Anonymous said...

also i think you should stress that it is a 3d model to people who wouldn't otherwise know. because i know and i wouldn't have been able to tell.


i also wrote the above.

matt said...

juarez! you have too damn much time on your hands! also it looks damn real. what did you use?

John Juarez said...

Softimage XSI 4.0 modeling
Photoshop for textures